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Why be a chef on Cook’d?

unlocks the potential of your home kitchen by allowing you to sell or buy homemade food to anyone in your area.

As a chef, you can use the dedicated Cook’d Chef app to build and price your own menus, find new customers, seamlessly track orders and finances, market and customize your culinary creations, and grow your kitchen business with opportunities to host classes and cook for hire.

What Is Cook'd?

Cook’d is a leading digital marketplace for homemade food. Cook’d is a food marketplace that enables you to buy healthy, organic foods made with love and passion by home-chefs near you! The web or mobile app provides an easy way for any home chef to promote their kitchen business and unique menu, and customers can search and purchase made-to-order goods for pickup or delivery within hours. All chefs enjoy the perks of the Cook’d food platform, all in one place: advertising food to a wide audience with menu tiles and a custom webpage, managing orders and payments securely, giving discounts to friends and family, and growing their kitchen business. In turn, customers enjoy fresh, local, homemade food that can’t be found in restaurants or grocery stores

Why be a chef on Cook’d?

Why buy food on Cook’d?

How do I get Started?

First, download the Cook’d mobile app or signup on the Web and use the Web App on your browser. It is simple and easy. You can have your kitchen and home business open in 10 minutes next, follow the app’s instructions to set up a profile for your kitchen, and begin adding your first menu items.

Cook'd Overview

Smart Notification

Get notified immediately when you have a new order

Kitchen Open / Closed

Control when your kitchen is open with the flick of a switch


Create your own menu / Choose what you make

Fast Performance

Fast response in the app when creating new menu items and uploading pictures

Attend Chef Webinars

We know that you’re busy cooking away in your kitchen, but we wanted to invite you to our free Webinar/Online Training.

Easy Payments

Enjoy the convenience of seamless payments and financial tracking.

Social Share

Share your kitchen with family and friends

Sous Chef Resources

Access to tips on pricing, photographing, packaging, labeling, allergens, legal stuff, and more.

Get the Application Today!

It's free and you will love it.

Open your kitchen and start earning with Cook’d!

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