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chef showcase

Chef Showcase

Chefs Ana & Beth

Of  Oakland, CA

 Both my sister and I grew up in the kitchen with our mom and grandma learning to cook great Guyanese food. Guyanese food is an everything part of our life, but we realized the diverse flavors of Guyanese Cuisine is still unknown to many. Our goal is to introduce the diverse flavors of Guyana to more people and to watch them fall in love with Guyanese cuisine as we have. We are located in Oakland, California which is full of so many cultures that mix and provides a foundation for us to start this business. Right now, both of us work full time jobs and do this business part-time. Our goal is to not only expand our menu but also our business to access more people which is why we are excited to partner with Cook’d.

Chef Beatriz

Of  Richardson, TX

I’m very happy with my new Cook’d business they are very helpful and fast in answering questions and technical support, I been able to give my business visibility.

Chef Michelle

Of  Sacramento, CA

It’s very good to be here and be able to cook for all of you. I love creating new meals & can not wait to share them all with you.

Chef Amara

Of Fremont, CA

I’m a 12 year old chef cooking plant based meals. I’ve been baking and cooking since the age of 4. Since my parents are plant based, I learned by helping them prepare their meals.
Cook’d App is a good opportunity to share my cooking passion.

Chef Jay

Of  San Francisco, CA

My name is Jay, the owner/chef of Lolo’s Backyard. Born in San Francisco, CA, and raised in multiple parts of the Bay Area. I did not get a chance to take any culinary class due to struggles growing up, but I was always inspired by my father’s and grandpas cooking ability, so I continue to learn every time I’m in the kitchen. Both always love to feed the family, which encourages me to do the same.  My mission is to share and cook traditional Filipino food but has my fusion twist with a unique style that represents who I am as an entrepreneur chef. Food, Backyard, Chill.

Chef Isabel

Of Portland, OR

Are you ready to take a hot toddy to new heights? Coastal bonfires? Or your comfy porch swing on a chilly autumn evening? We created Trail Toddy to do just that. We will provide the spices, the tea, the perfect balance of tangy and sweet, and you provide the water and your favorite spirit. As you take some time to yourself to slowly sip and relax, you can feel good about our promise to use only the highest quality ingredients sourced in the PNW. 

Chef Kev

Chef Andy

Of Chef Kev Specialty Foods, Concord, CA

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, food has always been a big part of my life. Moving eastward to New England Culinary Institute in Vermont, I attended the culinary program. I have worked in casual dining, catering, and fine dining. I had the opportunity to work at The Ahwahnee Hotel restaurant in Yosemite National Park. In March of 2013, I started my own business Chef Kev’s Specialty Foods in Concord, CA., where I have a Cottage Food Operation. I make a variety of peanut snacks brittle, and cookies. My family and I published an Italian cookbook, ”Our Italian Family Recipes “. I  believe food is an expression of one’s culture, no matter what part of the world you are from. It always brings people together.

Of  Hayward, CA

My name is Andy Gonzalez and I´m a young chef from the Bay Area. I´ve always loved to cook/bake and have been cooking for years! I can’t wait to share my recipes with you!

Chef Matt

Of Rae & Ryan’s Gourmet Foods

My name is Matthew Ryan and I am the president and co-founder of Rae & Ryan’s Gourmet Foods. My wife, Shawn Rae, and I run a boutique, craft spice, and herb company that operates in San Diego, California. We are your home for hand-crafted, artisan spice and seasoning blends!

We at Rae & Ryan’s Gourmet Foods have a huge passion for food whether it be something simple and delicious or extravagant and top-shelf. Our goal is to provide gourmet quality, small-batch spice and seasoning blends that range from elevated versions of pantry staples to exotic new flavor combinations that will inspire any level of cook to create and experiment with something new. Most all of the ingredients in our products are sourced fresh, dried in-house, and ground by hand in small batches to ensure the freshest and most potent product possible.

Among our many unique products, a few highlights are our “Sweet Heat” BBQ blends with pairings like Cherry & Chipotle, or Peach & Habanero. We dry fruit at the peak of the season and dehydrate it down to a powder that allows us amazing versatility with the blends we create. Since we produce almost everything we use, we have absolute control over the quality and are able to produce unique ingredients like our in-house cucumber powder which brings amazing freshness to our Cucumber Dill Tzatziki dip mix. Also notable are our regional based products like our Jamaican Jerk rub, Al Pastor marinade base, as well as Italian and Greek seasoning blends. You can learn more about us, our business, and the extreme care we put into the quality of what we produce at

Quality and freshness is our promise to you because,

Life’s Too Short for Flavorless Food!

Chef Elaine

Of  Puyallup, WA

My name is Elaine. I have a little something about me I have a huge personality. I probably get it from my crazy amazing kids. I just love to have fun, hang out with friends, laugh, make everyone smile, and make my kids proud. So my previous job before our pandemic I was a Bartender and in customer service for over 20 years and I really enjoyed taking care of customers’ regulars and being mixology!! But my real passion was cooking, baking, and creating new recipes, and hoping to inspire people around me. Now I’m an inspired Chef. I’m so glad I came across The App Cook’d. I was searching for a while to see how I’m able to share my recipes and my love for cooking!! This is the easiest convenient way to share my baked goods with my friends and family and the world using the Cook’d app for Elaine’s Kitchen. Now I am finally able to stay home with my 7-year-old son and get to hang out and go on adventures! We love to play Board games and hang out at my folk’s house, my mother is my inspiration, taught me everything in cooking she is my supporter in Cook’d and being a Chef! I am also definitely a dog lover. I have been rescuing dogs for years, currently have a 45-pound Hound dog mix And a 5 year Pomeranian got about 5 months ago after my pug of 4 years passed away suddenly. They are definitely spoiled by me and my son! Good life living in a Chef’s house lol Homemade Gourmet food treats!


Chef Michelle

Of  Fremont, CA

I started my journey with Everything Lumpia on July 20th, 2020.
Let me start by saying that I came out of working in the Medical Field for over 26 years and “WHO WOULD’VE THOUGHT, ME” an Entrepreneur Chef on an amazing platform such as Cook’d.
I lost my job during Covid19 and birthed Everything Lumpia of which I am so passionate about. My love for cooking had been truly embedded since I was a kid. I loved watching my Elders cook every time they were in the kitchen. My Aunt Mom has truly been my inspiration.
The name of my business truly speaks for itself Everything Lumpia was created and we sell Traditional style lumpia but in a RUSTIC WAY. I sell Beef, Pork, Chicken, Turkey, Regular Veggie, Tofu Veggie, All Vegan, Turon with langka, Turon with Ube Halaya, and Smores Lumpia. I have also created Nacho Lumpia
Shredded Chicken, Ground Beef, and All Vegan. I also created Lumpia Scramble, Lumpia Frittata Muffins too.
My PASSION has truly helped me get through this Pandemic Lifestyle that we are all dealing with. Cook’d has been amazing to me and truly has allowed me to have more time to cook with PASSION

Chef Cynthia

Of  Newark, CA

I am a pharmacist by trade and a foodie by heart! Many of my recipes were passed down to me or inspired by travel and unique experiences. I am very honored to share my menu with you! I am excited to partner with Cook’d Up and join the emerging local community of chefs providing a wide range of products, catering, and food services here in our city.