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Cookdup – Designed for Foodies Who Crave Something Unique

With Cookdup, delicious food is just a few minutes away.

It’s a convenient and surprisingly affordable way of ordering food – whenever, and wherever. It works both ways – for home-based small businesses selling food and foodies who crave something different.

You’ll be surprised to learn just how many restaurants and home chefs are in your immediate vicinity. Cookdup works by connecting you to your favorite meal providers through a one-of-a-kind, intuitive platform.

Most home chefs are passionate about cooking but don’t have the budget to open up fully-fledged restaurants. You will be surprised to learn just how many talented chefs are registered in your neighborhood who are making fresh and unique homemade food you won’t find from a traditional restaurant.  These are authentic, original flavors from your community straight to your table.

What are the features of Cookdup

  • New and interesting chefs in your own community
  • Save time and money with an easy and intuitive order management system in Cookdup
  • Enjoy the convenience of seamless payments
  • Join a tightly knit community of home chefs
  • Attend webinars and learn important trade secrets for free

Cookdup provides home chefs with an additional source of income. In turn, customers can enjoy fresh and local homemade food that can be found in most restaurants and grocery stores.

For home chefs, Cookdup takes care of all of the marketing for them, builds their menu, gives them an appropriate price, and defines food items.

With Cookdup, opening your business is a super easy 3-step process:

  1. Open your kitchen
  2. Invite and promote your friends
  3. Deliver and make money

Dinner is Ready When You Want It

With Cookdup, you can order anytime and get food delivered in about half an hour. You can go ahead and time it.

Whether you want dinner, breakfast, lunch – Cookdup goes above and beyond to give you access to food whenever you need it.

You will also love the variety of food choices available on Cookdup. This speaks to the impressive cross-section of chefs on the app. You can choose from Mediterranean, Mexican, Italian, American, Greek, Deli, and the list just goes on.

With Cookdup, there’s something for everyone.

Many Payment Options

Cookdup offers you a variety of convenient payment options that work just for you. This definitely beats having to call a restaurant, read your card, and having to sign the credit slip when the driver shows up. With the app, all your transactions are handled on the dashboard. It’s as easy as pie.

Tracking Orders is Easy

Cookdup lets you track your orders through the app. Notifications are sent for every step the order takes – from the time it is being received to being prepared and finally being picked up by the driver and delivered to your doorstep.

You can find this out for yourself.

  • Simply download the app and add your delivery address
  • Choose from the full menu of the best chefs in your area
  • Place your orders and follow along as the meal is prepared and delivered by your home chef

Happy eating!

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