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California Food Law / Regulation: AB626 / MEHKO Information

The following Food regulations/guidelines apply only to California AB626 Micro Enterprise Home Kitchen Operation (MEHKO). This applies only for California home chefs selling beyond CFO food items and selling foods listed under MEHKO (primarily meat-based and perishables items)

MEHKO Permitting Requirements:
Currently, Riverside (& Sonoma) is the only county(ies) with the microenterprise home kitchen requirements. Here are the requirements for the permitting of a microenterprise home kitchen for Riverside.

Cook’d provides microenterprise home kitchen operation a data field to post their MEHKO permit number, and the home chefs can update it.

At Cook’d, we run specials, and many times we waive our fees and do not charge any fee when special coupon or promo codes are used. In normal operations, Cook’d charges 7.5% of the transaction fees (and there are 2.5-3% credit card transaction fees charged by credit cards and not by Cookd).
Chefs can be tipped directly, and any customer tip now goes to the Chef and is not used by Cook’d.

Liability Insurance:
Home chefs / CFO / MEHKO operators are fully responsible for their product, food, quality, and liability based on their products and sales. Cook’d does not provide any liability insurance covering any incident arising from the sale or consumption of food listed or promoted on its site and mobile app. Home chefs are responsible for this.

Any Customer Complaints:
REGARDING RIVERSIDE MEHKOS ONLY: If you have food safety or hygiene complaint, click here.

Otherwise, feel free to contact  for further assistance. 


[NOTE: Cook’d is required to submit the name and permit number of a MEKHO to the local enforcement agency if it receives 3+ unrelated, individual food safety or hygiene complaints in a calendar year from customers that have purchased Cook’d website/mobile app.

Suppose a customer that has purchased Cook’d notifies a local enforcement agency of a significant food safety-related complaint. In that case, Cook’d provides  the local enforcement agency the MEHKO’s name, MEHKO’s permit number, the list of customers who purchased food on the same day from that MEHKO. Before allowing a MEHKO to list on the site, Cook’d must obtain the MEHKO’s consent to make disclosures to government entities regarding food complaints, their customer list, their permit number, etc.]

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