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What is Cook’d?


Cook’d a leading digital marketplace for healthy home-made and home-grown foods by local home chefs. Cook’d is a food marketplace that enables you to buy healthy, organic foods made with love and passion by home-chefs near you! You will also support local home Chefs & the local economy.


Cook’d is a new food platform connecting great home-chefs with home-cooked food and goods with you right in your neighborhood. While people want organic, hygienic, home cook’d foods, it’s hard to achieve, but Cook’d makes that possible. You will also find unique, exotic and one of kind food items, typically not available in other places.


Home chefs can sell their wonderful food creations to anyone in your community, city, or state, or even nationwide. As a Cook’d Chef, you have complete control what and when to sell, and how much to charge. Cook’d will take care of all the operational and financial headache of running a small home business and Chefs can focus on what they do best – Cook’n!

Home Cooked Food

you’ll never find at a grocery store

Plush cardamom carrot cake with a zesty orange zing for a mother’s day brunch surprise. Vegan sesame energy balls with puddles of dark chocolate to help a friend get through final exam stress. Hearty pasta casserole made to order with all of your family’s allergies and dietary restrictions in mind. Get all of this fresh, homemade goodness—and much more—at your doorstep from a local Cook’d chef with just a few clicks.

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    Support local chefs and talent

    Support great local Chefs and local business economy

    Did you know there are dozens of registered home chefs in your very own neighborhood who are making and selling healthy, unique homemade food? From just-baked artisan bread, pastries, and specialty confections to creative snacks, soup, and spice mixes from around the world, there’s something to satisfy every craving or serve as the perfect centerpiece, side dish, or gift for your next gathering. These are healthy, organic, and hygienic foods from your local Chefs! Support your neighborhood chefs, boost your local economy, and bring new, original flavors from around your community straight to your table.

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