Cooking well-balanced, nutritious meals that satisfy everyone at the dinner table can be a daunting prospect given our busy lives and the time crunch we experience during the week. But we will give you some tips on how you can keep dinner on track with a bit of planning and prep. Here’s how:
Swap Salt for Herb Appeal
Chop fresh herbs in advance and then freeze them in a herb-freezer tray for easy access when you’re ready to make dinner. Heat up what you’ll need and save the rest for later in the week.
Get a Little Saucy
Make pasta sauces ahead of time and freeze them in leakproof containers. Thaw them the day you’ll use them and cook your favorite noodles. It’s an Italian feast in no time. Serve with a side dish of steamed vegetables or a fresh, tossed salad to balance the carbs.
Lighten up the Carbs
Swap regular white rice for a vegetable, such as cauliflower. Hawaiian Fried Cauliflower “Rice” works as a side dish or a meal. Look at this delicious recipe on It’s easy to make vegetable rice using a veggie noodle maker. You can find them pretty inexpensive on Amazon!

Stock up on Homemade Stock
Chicken stock from the store has a lot of salt. And you won’t believe what a difference-making your own can have on all your soups and stews. Freeze chicken bones and then use them to make stock by adding water and ingredients like celery, carrots, onions, and parsley. Cool the broth, skim the fat off the top, then strain the liquid and use it in soups. Here is a delicious stock recipe from

Let Off Some Steam
Quickly steam vegetables or rice using the Small or Large Micro-Cookers. Try Buttery Dill Carrots made from this recipe from A savory side dish in no time.
Get to the Root of Easy Meals
Parboil root vegetables and then freeze them. Toss them with olive oil and put them under a broiler on a sheet pan. They’ll be ready to serve alongside your chicken or fish.
Jar Your Garlic
Chop garlic put it in a glass jar, and cover it with olive oil to store in the fridge. Use it when you’re ready to make recipes such as our Tilapia with Garlic Sauce & Pasta.

What do you do in your kitchen to cut down on prep time, eat healthier, or save money? Share in the comments below!