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The Best Way To Cook Skewers

Cooking skewers on a traditional grill set up can lead to overcooked and dry meat. This is due to the large distance between the coals and the skewers. While this is fine for larger pieces of meat, this method can be detrimental when cooking your kabab. Let’s look at how to cook closer to the coals to bring out the best flavor. 

For this method you will need some bricks as well as aluminum foil or a mesh wire rack. 

Begin by wrapping the bricks in the aluminum foil. This will prevent any brick debris from getting in your food, as well as help radiate heat from the coals. 

Place the bricks on top of the grill grate at a proper distance to hold up your skewers. Next, place lit coals on the grate in between your bricks. After your coals have reached optimal heat, lay out your skewers above the coals by suspending the handles of the skewers over the bricks. 

While your skewers are cooking, rotate them constantly. This can be done by hand or tongs, though be careful not to burn yourself.  This step will help cook the meat evenly without it being dried out or burnt on one side. 

When cooking with a wire mesh, lay out the mesh over the bricks and allow it to preheat before placing your skewers. The preheating reduces the chances of your meat sticking to the mesh. Just as without the mesh, rotate your skewers as they cook

While this method may seem a little unconventional, it will give you amazing results, try it out!

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